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As Kids See It


‘I sent three of my dolls to check under the bed for monsters, and none of them have come back.’

MY FOUR-YEAR-OLD grandson Siddharth, who’s already intensely competitive, recently entered a children’s dance competition.

When he didn’t win a prize, he cried inconsolably for 20 minutes. Once he’d calmed down, my daughter started to pontificate about sportsmanship and how what really matters is not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.

“You should play a game because you adore it,” she said. Sid wasn’t impressed. “But,” he wailed, “I adore winning.”

Source: Readers Digest

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It Happens only in India


There was a little bit of Sunday happiness in the Capital, amid the doom and gloom of an impending Monday, after a mini-truck, crammed with liquor bottles, suspected to be illegal, overturned in south Delhi. The driver promptly abandoned the truck much to the joy of passers-by, who helped themselves to a free crate or two. Passing cars made a quick pitstop as well. In the end, the only evidence left behind was glass shards and empty boxes and lots of merry passers-by.

Source: The Times of India